For Busy Ladies From Swansea That Want To Look And Feel Great Again In The Next 12 Weeks


First question then: Do you meet our criteria for a place?

  • You're fed up with looking at the clothes that used to fit you in your wardrobe and saying "one day".
  • You want to start socialising more and feeling more confident than you currently do.
  • You just want to be able to look in the mirror and feel happy with what you see.
  • You're tired of constantly feeling like you're on a diet and just want to start something that sticks.
  • You're sick of losing weight and then putting it back on again - for once you just want to keep it off.
  • You're fed up with going to the gym and feeling like all the fit 20 years olds are looking at you.

We DON'T Accept Any Of This ....... 

  • No Ladies Under 40
  • No Mirrors
  • No Intimidation
  • No Posers

Here's A Quick Glimpse Of What We Do....



Flexibility: Choose Between 18 Session Times


Hi, My Name is Richard Clarke . . .

. . . and I jointly own and run Richard Clarke Health and Fitness in Swansea with my wife Ellie and our team of staff.

It's an over 40's only personal training facility that specialises in helping with fat loss and toning.

I'm 40, married and a Dad of 2 kids - I know the challenges that ladies over 40 have to deal with!

This Programme Is Designed For Women That Want 'Fast And Long Lasting' RESULTS

Our 12 Week Body Transformation Package is our special fast track "wanna see fast results IN 2019" Programme.

We have spent the last 10 years testing and refining the programme, the workouts, the meal planner, the recipes, the ongoing support and accountability - so that everyone that joins sees amazing results!

This is by far our most complete offer.  We are so confident that everyone taking part will not only see big changes in the way they look, but will also notice an immediate uplift in energy levels and a massive boost in confidence that we are backing this programme with a 100% money back guarantee!!!

If you don't absolutely love it and feel that you have got value for money then we will not only refund your money back, but you can also keep the recipe books and all the meal plans.

Michelle Lost 56lbs in 12 Weeks, and joined us when she was at her heaviest and taking lots of painkillers.  Michelle from Brynmill said: "I not only lost 4 stone and have come off all medication, but I've got my smile back".

Sarah Lost 27lbs in 12 Weeks, after deciding to make time for herself again.  Sarah from Cocket says: "Its tailored to over 40s.  I have much more energy getting up in the morning and love the flexibility the timetable offers."

Diana Lost 28lbs in 12 Weeks.  Diana, from Swansea say's: "I'm feeling more energetic and actually look forward to going to the gym."

Fancy being our next success story?

Here's What's Included:

  • 12 week transformation programme "rule" book outlining nutrition and exercise methodology (value £25)
  • 12 week's worth of meal planners (value £29)
  • 12 week's worth of meal planner recipes (value £39)
  • Food diary templates to help with accountability and tracking (value £49)
  • Pick any 3 sessions per week (from 40 time slots) of group personal training sessions for 12 WEEKS (value £297)
  • Membership to our private facebook support group (value £79)
  • TOTAL VALUE: £518 = But check out the added bonuses and price below . . .

PLUS Sign Up Before Jan 27th & Get These Free BONUSES:

Bonus #1: Infra Red Sauna Sessions (Worth £97).  

Bathe in the heat and light of the sun in our customised sauna.    It has a S.A.D light box to help lift the winter blues and depression.  Sweat and detoxify, get healthier and younger looking skin.  Cure coughs and colds quicker.

Bonus #2: 12 Week Slimming Club Membership (Worth £75).  

Learn the ins and outs of the nutrition plan and get a weekly weigh-in and the accountability of attending the group.  (2 Different Classes Per Week).

Bonus #3: 90 Day Online Workout Programme (Worth £297).    

Contains x 36 Workout Videos, Meal Plans, Recipes and More.  Follow a workout from the comfort of your own home if you ever miss a session at the gym. 


Nicola Lost 47lbs In 12 Weeks, dropped 4 dress sizes and is gobsmacked by her results.  Nicola, who was once 25+ stone, from Cwmgors Says: "The weight kept falling off  me every week, Ive never know anything work like this system before".

Cindy Lost 24lbs In her first 12 Weeks, and enjoyed so much she carried on and dropped another 32lbs, totalling 56lbs in 6 months.  Cindy, from Llansamlet Says: "I am slimmer, healthier, fitter but most of all it has made me into a much more mentally stronger individual.  I'm in training at the moment for my 2nd 5k run, something I never thought possible. loving this programme".

Anthea Lost 28lbs In 12 Weeks and found the workouts fun and varied.  Anthea, from Sketty Says: "I feel so much better... I have more energy and I’m actually enjoying my food instead of eating for the sake of eating. My cravings are practically non existent. "


So What's The Cost Of This Amazing Body Transformation Programme?

To train with me on a Personalised One To One basis costs around £40 per session, so 3 sessions per week over 12 weeks would cost over £1,000......

However, even though this programme promises to deliver as good a results as training one to one, as the sessions are in small groups the cost will not be over a £1,000.

The entire 12 week programme costs

£297 [Just £8.25 Per session ]

You Pay £99 Month

Join The Programme Today Only £99

The total cost for the 12 weeks is £297.

You pay £99 each month, for 3 months.

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If after 30 days you don’t absolutely love it and feel that you have got value for money then we will not only refund your money back, but you can also keep the handbook, recipe books and all the meal plans.

  • Q.What Days Are You Open

    A.Monday – 6am, 6.40am, 7.20am, 5.45pm, 6.30pm, 7.15pm

    Wednesday – 6am, 6.40am, 7.20am, 5.45pm, 6.30pm, 7.15pm

    Friday – 6am, 6.40am, 7.20am, 5.45pm, 6.30pm, 7.15pm

    Please note * More times will be added as we grow in numbers *

    *Times subject to change

  • Q.Where are you based?

    A.Llanrhidian Holiday Park



  • Q.Is this suitable for beginners as I haven't exercised in a while?

    A.Yes.  This is specifically designed for all exercise abilities – from beginner to advanced.

  • Q.Is this for ladies only?

    A.Yes.  Our groups are women only.

  • Q.When does the programme start?

    A.You can start any day between the 2nd and 13th January 2019

  • Q.Why are you so convinced that this will work?

    A.Because we have been continuously refining this method over the last 10 years. Our nutrition system and exercise results are life changing, as you may have seen in the examples on this page.  Every workout is different to help maintain enthusiasm and not allow your body the chance to get used to and predict what it will be doing. This is the key!


Still Not Sure?  

Check Out What Our Members Have To Say ...

Maria Lost 28lbs, Changed Shape While Enjoying a Busy Social Life.  Maria from Mumbles Admits: "I do like a few glasses of vino 😉 but Rich always gets me back on track and knows i'm not giving up my social life, and doesnt expect me to either"

Watch: How Michelle Lost 56lbs in 12 Weeks

Angela Lost 42lbs, fixed her thyroid, has more energy and is sleeping better. She say's the best bit is: "3 years after joining I’ve still maintained my weight loss and am getting fitter".

Watch: Fiona and Anthea Give Their Opinions  . . .

Listen To Fiona Share Her Experiences After 12 Weeks:

Watch: Sarah and Tracy Share Their Feelings  . . .

Mary Lost 25lbs, dropped a dress size and is fitter than ever before.  Mary, a self confessed yo-yo dieter from Skewen Says: "It was the best decision I ever made".